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Playskool Dapper Dan & Dressy Bessy plush dolls

21 Jun

Vintage 1976 Playskool Dapper Dan 15" plush toy doll


Vintage 1979 Playskool DRESSY BESSY 15" plush toy doll

Playskool made these adorable plush doll in the 1970’s. They are designed to help young children learn to dress themselves! Let’s button, zip and buckle, too. Getting dressed is fun to do. These soft, loveable dolls can be your child’s special friends. Dapper Dan was made for boys, and Dressy Bessy was made for girls. Newer versions of these dolls are available as they are VERY popular among parents who lovingly remember their own Dapper Dan and Dressy Bessy dolls and want to give them to their children.
Vintage dolls, such as the ones above can be found at many on-line vintage toy shops such as and many other on-line auction sites.

Dressy Bessy & Dapper Dan vintage magazine ad


Enlarged text on the bottom of the vtg magazine adMagazine ad


The mysterious world of zippers, snaps, buckles, buttons, and shoelaces is suddenly easy. Because little fingers got a chance to practice while they plays with our new Dressy Bessy or Dapper Dan. Both these Playskool dolls are big, cuddly and adorable! To hug and love. And long after your child learns to dress, they’ll still be favorites. Because they’re beautifully make to take lots of rough play, and their clothes are attached so nothing gets lost. To learn more about Playskool Toys, write for our free booklet, Play tools to shape a child’s world. Playtime is learning with Playskool.




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