Doll cleaning/repair/storage

Doll storage tips:

Proper doll storage: Never store your dolls in plastic bags. This can cause condensation. The best way to store dolls is to remove the clothing and jewelry so that is doesn’t stain. Put these items in baggies and mark the baggies and store with doll if possible. Always mark baggies so you know who they go with.

Proper Doll Storage: Wrap the doll in Acid Free tissue paper and put them in a box or container standing up (this helps to keep the sleep eyes working properly)A doll that has eyes that open or close should never be stored, or laid down on its back. Dolls with such eyes should be stored standing up or laid on their faces.


Proper Doll Storage: Dolls need to be stored in a climate controlled area. Avoid direct sunlight, or heating and cooling vents. Storing in a basement or attic can cause serious problems unless the rooms have heating/cooling with no moisture or humidity problems.


Smelly dolls tips:

 What do to about “smelly doll” odor: For vinyl dolls there are several methods you can try. Cleaning the doll really good, and airing it outside for awhile will sometimes    work.

What do to about “smelly doll” odor: Use a product like Lysol, Fabreeze or others to    spray on them to speed up the process.

What do to about “smelly doll” odor: Put the doll in a paper bag filled with baking soda  or kitty litter. This will help absorb the odor.

What do to about “smelly doll” odor on a plush doll: Replacing the stuffing.

Cleaning tips for rubber, vinyl, and hard plastic dolls:

Cleaning tip for rubber and vinyl dolls: Cleaners of choice are Scubbing bubbles,  Windex, Fantastic, Dawn dish soap.

Cleaning tip for vinyl dolls:  completely dampen the doll or wet and apply the cleaner.   Let set for about 5 minutes. Then scrub them with a tooth brush being very careful        on the face and painted facial features. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

Cleaning tips for hard plastic and rubber dolls:use cotton balls and do NOT wet the    doll. Sometime I use a toothbrush but always test the doll first. Do not rinse them  in water but instead wipe with a damp cloth to remove the soap residue and grime.

Stains on vinyl dolls:

Removing stains on vinyl dolls: Apply OXY-10 to stain and let set in direct sunlight for a 2 days. Can take several weeks with mixed results.

Removing stains on vinyl dolls: Apply“Removezit” by Twin Pines to stain and let set in    direct sunlight for a 2 days. Deep stains may still require several weeks of treatment.  May lighten the vinyl.

Treatment for DARKENED VINYL stains on dolls: Apply Vaseline in an even layer to  the areas being treated then set out in direct sun. Remove Vaseline in the evening and bring indoors. Repeat up to several weeks as necessary.


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    I have a talking mickey mouse but he doesn’t work at all. I was wondering how much it would cost to fix him??


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