Cuddly Kids – Kuschel Kinder the German Cabbage Patch kids

26 May

You’ve heard of the Cabbage Patch kids, also known as CPK dolls by Coleco? Yah, sure! Everyone has haven’t they? Bet you haven’t heard of Kuschel Kinder dolls.

Kuschel Kinder Cabbage Patch kids are the German version of good old CPK dolls. They are very similar to the Cabbage Patch kids distributed in the United States. Some Kuschel Kinder dolls are made by Coleco, and some are made by Jesmar. Kuschel Kinder dolls were distributed by Arxon.

Jesmar is a manufacturer based in Spain that produced Cabbage Patch kid dolls in 1984 and 1985.  Jesmar used head molds 1 – 4 and only made Caucasian dolls. Jesmar distributed their dolls to Spain, Italy, France, Germany, England, Finland, Sweden and Denmark. The only thing that changed was the language on the boxes and adoption papers.

The signatures

Each Kuschel Kinder doll has a stamped Xavier Roberts signature on the tush. Some will have the date next to the signature and some will not. If the date is not present next to the signature, then the year can be identified by the color.

Black – 1983 – Green – 1984 – Blue 1985 

The tags

The side tag will tell you the manufacturer of the doll and where it was made. This information can also be found at the back of the head directly adjacent to the hair. Coleco dolls will have the following codes: OK, KT, IC, UT, P, PMI.

Coleco code meanings:

OK: Chubby feet and hands, smooth complexions and big eyes.
KT: Tiny dolls with small well formed hands and small eyes.
IC & UT: Small firm bodies and pretty complexions. The plastic faces often turn yellow/green with age. A condition that collectors refer to as “sea sickness”.
P & PMI: Taller than the others with skinny hands and feet. Eyes are smaller but are painted with vivid color.  Both P and PMI dolls are prone to problems with their plastic parts. Their heads can darken and get sticky. In addition, P dolls can get dark spots (called pox), and PMI dolls get dark dots that are surrounded by a lighter circle, (called reverse pox). These dolls should be kept cool and dry.


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