Xavier Roberts Little People Pals dolls

27 Jun

1st doll 9

Have you seen these funny little dolls? They sure are cute, it’s abundantly evident that Mr. Roberts has a sense of humor with their funny shaped little arms and wide eyed faces.

There are actually 3 different types of Little People Pals dolls. There are similarites and key differences and they vary greatly in monetary value. The types are as follows:

  1. 1982 Xavier Roberts Little People Pals pattern and instruction book.
  2. 1982 Xavier Roberts Little People Pals kit.
  3. 1982 People Pals dolls constructed and “born” at  THE Babyland General.

1982 Xavier Roberts Little People Pals pattern and instruction book

This book provided “ARTISTS” a pattern, instructions, and a supply list. The book provided the artist with 2 doll sizes to choose from, and 6 different hairstyles. The pros of the pattern book dolls are that any skin color choice eye color choice, and hair color choice are available to the artist. This is not the case with the kit dolls that had very limited skin, eye, and hair choices. The quality of materials, and the quality of construction varied greatly with each “ARTIST”.  Doll came without a makers tag and was never signed by Xavier Roberts. Dolls came with a certificate of authenticity that looks almost identical to the certificate of the kit dolls. These dolls wear standard infant clothing.

1982 Xavier Roberts Little People Pals kit

These kits came with instructions and all materials to make the doll. These kits were distributed by Plaid Enterprises Incorporated. They are very similar to the Martha Nelson Thomas doll kits. Three kits were available: 9500 blonde, 9501 Brunette, and 9502 Redhead. Only Caucasian doll kits were available. These dolls have no makers tags and they wear standard infant clothing size 6 months. These dolls will never be signed by Xavier Roberts. The quality of construction of these dolls will vary upon the skills of each “ARTIST”, however, the materials used were more standard and consistent than the pattern book dolls.

Each kit contained:
-100% Polyester fabric pre-cut into 2 body panels, 2 right arms, and 2 left arms.
-9 oz. of 100% Polyester fiber fill stuffing
-1 pre-formed head ball of 100% Polyester fabric and 100% Polyester filling
-2 oz. of yarn hair in the color specified on the box
-1 spool, 35 yards of Polyester thread
-10 yards heavy duty button thread, ( Polyester core cotton covered ).
-1 #1/0 size 18 Cotton Darner needle
-1 Red Sable brush size 000
-1 Assortment of acrylic paints ( eye color ), .25 fl oz, in green, brown, blue, white and clear finish.
-Detailed instructions
-Certificate of authenticity by Xavier Roberts

Let’s take a closer look at our Certificate of Authenticity. We see that Xavier Roberts has signed above the blank labeled DESIGNER. To the right of that, there is a blank for the ARTIST to sign. The artist being the person that assembled the kit.

little people pals kit

1982 Xavier Roberts Little People Pals

These dolls have makers tags sewn into their sides, hand signed signatures, certificates of authenticity that have no blank for artist, and name placards. The makers tag will be dated 1978. Xavier Roberts made only 10,000 of these dolls. Take a look at the Certificate of Authenticity below: that dolls is only #413! They also come with a pal registration number. These dolls wear clothing that is branded Xavier Roberts, or Babyland general. This is the best kind of Little People Pal and this is the kind that you have. The doll below is valued at $900.00.

Let’s compare all three Certificates of Authenticity

The Pattern Book and the Kit certificates are identical except the type of paper that they are printed on. They both have a space for the ARTIST to sign. They do not have a Little People Pals Registration number.

The Xavier Roberts Little People doll has a People Pals Registration number, and only the one space, which is signed by Xavier Roberts. The paper is fancier, there is fancy gold text. The text is the same as the book and the pattern, with the addition of this line, “Little People Pals are very special dolls and limited to 10,000 in this 1st edition”


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2 Responses to “Xavier Roberts Little People Pals dolls”

  1. Jacqueline Kaeser September 12, 2019 at 12:01 pm #

    On your 1998 Rock and Roll Elmo …..can you tell me if you can change the battery? Jackiedaisy78@gmail.com


    • Katrina December 1, 2019 at 8:57 pm #

      It has been quite some time since I had this toy, so I’m sorry, I can’t tell you how I did it.
      This toy is a heavy power user, so I know that we did change his batteries. Most of these have a battery compartment at the back that are accessed with a Phillips head screw.


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