Fisher-Price Doodle Pro Magnetic Drawing board vs. NextX Magnetic drawing board write and learn creative toy

13 May

Looking for the best magnetic board for your child?

Wondering which one is the best?

I’ve got answers for you! In this post I will compare each of the features and give you my verdict! We will start by watching a short video of each of the toys, and they we will get into the nitty-gritty!

What do the toys have in common?

Magnetic screen

Both toys feature magnetic screens that are comparable in size. The Doodle Pro screen is more gray in appearance and there are markedly noticeable black honey combs visible – even when the screen is blank. They Doodle-Pro screen writes in black only.

The NextX screen is “whiter” and has more the look of paper. There are no black honey combs, small white dots can only be seen once the board is drawn up. The NextX screen writes in colors: blue, yellow, red, and green.


Both stylus’es are of adequate size, and both are connected to the toy with a string to prevent the stylus from becoming lost – an important feature that I love!

The Doodle-Pro stylus is attached to the toy in the bottom center. This is terrific because it ensures that both right handed and left handed children have a long enough string to freely draw without battling the string getting in the way. The tip of the Doodle-Pro stylus was a bit thick, this made getting details in my drawing difficult. I would’ve appreciated a finer tip. There is no storage spot on the toy for the stylus – that would’ve been a nice bonus feature.

The NextX stylus is also attached to the toy.  However, it is attached to the right hand side of the toy. Being a left handed person, I found the string to be a little too short, and I battled the string getting in the way while I drew. If your child is right handed, as 90% of the population is, then there will be no issues for your child as this toy is clearly designed with a right hander in mind. But for us lefties, it was a bit of a bummer. I found the stylus tip to be finer than the Doodle-Pro. I felt that I could get a bit more detail in my drawing. This toy has a nice storage spot for the stylus.


Both toys came with stamps. I do not think that stamps are particularly important for these toys, but I am an adult who loves to draw. If your child loves to draw, then I’m expecting that they won’t use the stamps all that much. The stamps are of most benefit to the younger users of the boards.

The Doodle-Pro came with 4 stamps: star, circle, triangle and square. There are handy storage spots on the toy for them to help prevent them from becoming lost. I like the Doodle-Pro stamps because they will help kids learn shapes.

The NextX comes with 5 stamps: pineapple, strawberry, eggplant, romaine lettuce, and grapes. Though there is storage for the stylus, there is no storage offered for the stamps. The stamps are fruits and vegetables, also curious to me. Why not feature all fruits, or all vegetables?


Both toys offer a slide eraser that is located on the bottom of the toy. They look exactly the same, but they do NOT perform the same.

The Doodle-Pro eraser performs poorly. Watch the Doodle-Pro video at 2:46, one swipe, nope, still there. Then you see me scrubbing away at the image with the eraser trying to get it to “go away”. After I’m done, you can still see a “ghost” of the former image. During the rest of the erases of the video, I cut out the scrubbing  and speed up the whole erase in the edit process because watching me spend so much time and effort to erase would make for a boring video.

The NextX eraser was fantastic! I could not believe that I could erase in only one swipe, and with no “ghost” image!! Watch the NextX video at 3:13 – AMAZING! I did not edit the any of the erasing portions of the NextX video. There was no need to. The eraser is quick and thorough.

What’s the verdict?

I recommend the NextX magnetic board write and learn creative toy.


  • writes in color
  • white board
  • exceptional eraser


  • short stylus string with storage design for right handed people
  • no storage for the stamps
  • stamps could be more scholastic in their shape

Just for fun, here are the pros/cons for the Doodle-Pro


  • storage for the stamps
  • scholastically shaped stamps
  • designed for left handed people and right handed people


  • poorly functioning eraser
  • gray screen
  • blunt tipped stylus
  • no stylus storage
  • writes only in black

Check out my other Doodle-Pro videos

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