Sesame Street Elmo plays piano electronic musical book

1 Feb

Sesame Street Elmo Plays Piano
Play-A-Song electronic toy book20180129_221611

Almost 2 weeks ago, I received a request from one of my viewers at Katrina’s Toy Channel, she wrote:snip for blog post

That very day, I boogied over to Amazon and bought this electronic toy book!

The book was much larger than I expected at 12.5″x13″. It is a large hardcover book with an attached piano on the right hand side. The piano has 9 keys, each corresponding to it’s own color: violet, light green, red, sky blue, pink, green, orange, purple and yellow.

To the left of the keys, there are 10 buttons, ( bottom to top ): Elmo, blue mitten, Barkely, moon, 123, Zoe, sun, Cookie monster, Big Bird, Little Bug. Each key plays it’s own song.


The picture above doesn’t exist as a page in the book, ( though it certainly should! ), I made it for you using the back cover and the keyboard. It really explains how this toy book works!

The book features 10 classic nursery rhymes, changed by a word or 2 to allow Sesame Street workshop to copyright and patent the rhymes – though hardly original. I would call it low hanging fruit, and disappointing that a large corporation can’t manage to hire talented writers and musicians to create original works. But children won’t care or even realize the toy makers unoriginality. Here are the Sesame Street Nursery Rhymes and the classic nursery rhymes that they copy:

Here we dance Looby Loo              – Here we dance Looby Loo
3 Little Pigeons                                  – 3 Little kittens
Rig a jig jig                                          – Rig a jig jig
Hey Twiddle Twiddle                       – Hey diddle diddle
1, 2 buckle my shoe                          – 1, 2 buckle my shoe
Little Miss Zoe                                   – Little Miss Muffet
Oh dear what can the matter be? – Oh dear what can the matter be?
Cookie Monster had a farm           – Old Mcdonald had a farm
Mary had a little lamb                    – Mary had a little lamb
This little bug went to market       – This little piggy went to market

The pages of the book are very sturdy. They are not paper, as I would have guessed that they’d be. They are cardboard: the consistency of a shiny cereal box. A child would need to put in some effort to damage this book. The pages do have a tendency to stick together. In fact, I shot the complete play video for this toy book two days ago, just now realizing that I missed the Little Miss Zoe page altogether as it was thoroughly stuck together. I re-shot and re-posted the whole video at considerable inconvenience.

The book is set to be played in a ‘landscape’ orientation. There are 20 pages in the book, they are paired in sets of 2: one page features the illustration, and the other page features the nursery rhyme and the color coded music.20180131_190932

How to play:
-Press a song button and sing along.
-Watch the piano keys light up one-by-one with the melody.
-Then follow the lighted piano keys to play the song yourself.
-Match the colorful music notes in the book to the piano keys to play on your own!

Watch the Full Complete Play Video!

This book featured in this article, and in the above video is for sale on eBay:

This toy requires 3 watch style batteries. These are strange sized batteries that will not be
stocked in the average home. When your child’s toy needs new batteries, a special trip to acquire new batteries must be made. These batteries cost $5.99 for 2 sets, ( 6 batteries ).
I would have preferred to see 4 AA batteries instead. A common battery, easy to find, and easy to buy in rechargeable!

Aside from the non-original lyrics and melodies, and aside from the battery style selected to power this toy, I like this toy and I think that your child will LOVE it!

-beautiful and stout hardcover
-sturdy pages
-multi-colored piano keys
-cute illustrations featuring lovable Sesame Street characters


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