Great Gift Ideas for pre-schoolers!!

21 Nov
Do you have a pre-schooler on your christmas list this year? Maybe your niece, nephew, god child, or grandchild?
Are you nervous about finding a gift that they will love? Perhaps you are totally CLUE-LESS as it has been years and years since you’ve spent any significant amount of time with a pre-schooler?
What does this little pre-school girl want for Christmas?

What does this little pre-school girl want for Christmas?

Don’t feel bad about being out of the loop! I am here to help you with some great gift ideas!!
 The following are the most popular pre-school shows and characters right now! These are sure to be a hit………
and remember: all images are clickable if you need more information!!
 Wow wow wubbzy :
Airs on Nick Jr. It is a whimsical animated comedy series for pre-schoolers featuring Wow wow wubbzy.
The Backyardigansis an animated musical-adventure series for children ages 2 to 5. In each episode, the show’s five high-spirited preschool friends–Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin–rely on their vivid imaginations to transform their backyard into a fantastical 3-D landscape, and together they embark on amazing epic journeys.These lovable characters will inspire children to sing and dance along, and to stretch their imaginations as they climb up mountains, slide down glaciers, and sail across oceans. Each episode is driven by an exciting, age-appropriate story and enlivened by original music–including big band, reggae, rockabilly, bossa nova, and hip-hop–and by professionally choreographed dance numbers.
Dora the Explorer:
Dora, the main character, is a 8 Year old girl who embarks on a trip in every episode in order to find something or help somebody. She asks the viewers at home to help her find new ways to reach places with the help of Map. She also teaches viewers Spanish, introducing them to short words and phrases.
Yo Gabba Gabba:
Yo Gabba Gabba! is a fun live-action program for young children ages 1 and up. Join our host DJ Lance Rock as he introduces us to friendly toy monsters in a magical land full of music, dance, colorful cartoons and simple life lessons that will get you and your children up off the floor to learn and dance along. Muno, the red cyclops, Foofa the pink flower bubble, Brobee the green little one, Toodee the blue cat-dragon, and Plex the robot are ready to sing, play and teach whenever you’re ready. Just say the magic words! YO GABBA GABBA!!
 Sesame Street: Yes! It’s still popular with pre-schoolers! All the characters that you LOVED, little tikes still love today!!!

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