Dreamworks Kung Foo Panda 2

4 Jun

Kung Fu Panda 2 was released May 27th, 2011. Made by Dreamworks animation, with a running time of 1 hr 31 minutes and a rating of PG for martial arts action and mild violence.

Cast of characters and star studded voices:

Jack Black Voice of Po
Angelina Jolie Voice of Tigress
Dustin Hoffman Voice of Shifu
Jackie Chan Voice of Monkey
Seth Rogen Voice of Mantis
Lucy Liu Voice of Viper
David Cross Voice of Crane
Gary Oldman Voice of Lord Shen
James Hong Voice of Mr. Ping
Michelle Yeoh Voice of the Soothsayer
Jean-Claude van Damme Voice of Croc
Victor Garber Voice of Thundering Rhino

Picking up where the first film left off, Po (Jack Black) has eased into his position as the Dragon Warrior, when the world of kung fu is threatened by the return of Lord Shen (Gary Oldman), a villain who has built a weapon of mass destruction. What Po doesn’t know, however, is that Lord Shen holds the key to his history and the knowledge of who he really is. Working with the kung fu masters known as the Furious Five (Angelina Jolie, David Cross, Lucy Liu, Seth Rogen and Jackie Chan), Po is not only on a mission to save China, but on a journey of self-discovery.

What do the critics think?

“Kung Fu Panda 2″ is exactly as you’d expect, and more. The animation is elegant, the story is much more involving than in the original, and there’s boundless energy. I enjoyed it as fully as I possibly could, given the horror of its 3-D. The original film, in 2-D wide-screen, was just fine. But never mind. Hollywood has brainwashed us (or itself) that 3-D is an improvement and not an annoyance.”  Roger Ebert

What did I think?

Though many critics did not think that this film was funny, I laughed and laughed throughout much of the film – not just a chuckle – but big belly laughs. Though I’m not a martial arts fan, I was riveted by the spectacle of big fat Po fighting with such complexity and grace. I was touched, (and even shed a tear or maybe even two), in the parts of the movie when Po snubs his adopted father Mr. Ping  and then again when he comes to his senses and hugs Mr. Ping to him saying that “you are my dad”.  There are many elements of the story that deal with adult emotions – but the kids won’t understand these the way that you will. I loved this movie! I recommend the 3-D version.

You’re probably wondering if this PG movie is appropriate for your child? I would not take a child under about the age of 7. This movie does deal with separation, death, evil. It is rated PG for a reason. If your child is 7 or older AND loved the first Kung Fu panda and you think they can handle some stronger emotional plot and some martial arts fighting then get ready for a GREAT movie!!! You will love it more than your kids will!!!

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