1989 Kenner Hallmark Yum Yums plush toys

29 May

Yum Yums were a short lived series produced by Kenner/Hallmark in 1989-91. They were large (12-14 inches), plush scented animals with sweet treats pictured on their stomachs, ears and feet and had a ribbon around their neck.

There were six original plush yum yums:

  1. Cheery Cherry Poodle
  2. Chuckle Chip Bear
  3. Goody Grape Mouse
  4. Jump’in Jelly Bean Bunny
  5. Lucky Lemon Lion
  6. Peppermint Kitty

    Jumpin Jelly Bean Bunny

This is a cute 1989 Hallmark yum yums jumpin jelly bean bunny kenner.  Item is in very good condition. Item lacks stains/disrepair. Original scent is nolonger present. Tush tag present. Item has original ribbon at neck. Really neat vintage item!


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