Peppermint rose dolls by Mattel

11 Apr

Peppermint Rose was a line of dolls and plush toys  and figurines, made by Mattel and American Greetings in the early 1990s. It also inspired an animated half-hour special that was made in 1993, aired syndicated and released on video.

The line consisted of four dolls:

  • Peppermint Rose – Leader of the group, dressed in pink and white. In the animated special, her full name was Rose Richards and she was a typical stereotype of a valley teenage girl.
  • Miss Vanilla Daisy – Brunette, dressed in white with assorted colors. In the animated special, she was the smart-mouth tomboy.
  • Lemon Kiss Lily – Light brown haired girl in violet and lily-colored dress. In the animated special, her final name was Lemon Drop Lily.
  • Merry Mint Violet – African-American girl in deep purple and green dress. Other than the doll, she was included in the animated special but not in other products such as stickers, puzzles and cards.

“Discover a world of sweet scent-sations! Now girls can create candy-floral perfume they can wear! Two scented ways to play! Each 9 inch candy flower-themed doll comes with 12 floral scented and 12 candy scented Perfume Petals. Girls dissolve Perfume Petals in water to make real fragrance combinations they bottle and wear! Dolls join in the fragrant fun with 2 skirts – one floral scented and one candy scented. Girls layer both skirt looks to make luscious scent combinations. Peppermint Rose, Lemon Kiss Lily, Vanilla Daisy, and Merry Mint Violet dolls all have lovely long hair for lots of hair play, too! Dolls also include: basket to mix perfume, perfume bottle, doll fashion, hat, shoes.”

There were four dolls produced. Each one came with two fragrances, a rose comb, removable hat and a pair of shoes. The two fragrances were differently scented like the two parts of their names. For instance, Vanilla Daisy’s box reads:

“Magically make a Vanilla or Daisy perfume. Wear both for a floral and candy scent-sation!”

Complete set of Peppermint Rose dolls

 The plush toys were called Candy Blossoms.  They are large rabbit-like creatures with huge ears and flowers on their heads, they were sold as plush ‘teddy bears.’ There is a small compartment on the top of their heads that held a perfumed substance.

  • Lollipop Posey
  • Bubblegum Violet

Candy Blossom Lollipop Posey plush toy

Candy Blossom Bubble Gum Violet plush toy

The figurines were called Sweet Spray. They are much like the Candy Blossoms but sold as little figurines.

“Make your own sweet play perfume. Pour into Sweet Spray and mist on. Three adorable animal friends who spray candy-floral perfume! Each comes with 12 floral and 12 candy scented Perfume Petals girls dissolve in water to create sweet scents to wear. Girls simply pour water into rotocast animal atomizers, add “flowers,” fasten flower cap, and squeeze. Sweet Sprays have floppy fabric cars in candy-floral prints that coordinate with the dolls.”

Sweet Sprays atomisers were three plastic bunnies with large, floral printed fabric ears. They could be filled with the perfume provided and squeezed to mist out the scent.

  • Peppermint Posy
  • Bubblgum Daisy
  • Lemon Kiss Blossom

Sweet Spray Bubblegum daisy

Sweet Spray Peppermint Posey

Sweet Spray Lemon Kiss Blossom


Merry mint violet


Lemon Kiss Lily

Vanilla Daisy

peppermint rose


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2 Responses to “Peppermint rose dolls by Mattel”

  1. nrnfafy June 23, 2012 at 7:20 am #


    Do you carry these dolls or know where I can buy them? I know there’s a seller on ebay but they seem to be charging an arm, leg and part of my soul- so clearly way outta my price range. Thanks for all the info.


    • katrina9799 June 23, 2012 at 8:43 am #

      I WISH I had some peppermint rose toys and dolls in my toy shop! They are extremely hard to find!
      I did see the going price for Peppermint rose dolls NIB was about $81.00.

      Here’s what I found for you:
      Peppermint Rose Doll NIB $35.00 plus shipping
      Karen’s Toys
      Here is the link:

      These dolls are indeed worth $80.00 NIB, but using google search, as well as eBay auction listings may yeild
      bargains of $35.00.

      Thanks for visiting my blog!


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