Why buy vintage toys? 7 great reasons…….

6 Mar


1. Save money

Buying used toys is a great way to save money while satisfying your child’s needs at the same time. Buying at bargain prices mean that you can get more for less, without sacrificing quality.

2. Increased variety

Buying used toys exposes you to a great variety that you will not otherwise see. Why not buy new ones? Actually, buying new toys can be pretty predictable, especially if you are looking at the latest arrivals. This is even more true when you are looking at popular brand names. You never know if you may come across something rare when you look at used toys. Remember that these are likely to be toys that are not manufactured any more. The variety that you are presented with will be less predictable and hence; more interesting.

3. Searching for great used toys is FUN

Have you ever browsed the hundreds of pages of toys on eBay and other lesser known shopping sites such as Bonanza? Wow! I could literally look for days and days! Even if you are focused on one type of item such as liddle kiddle dolls-you will have an incredible amount of fun just window shopping!

4. Good for the environment

Whenever you buy a used item you are literally saving an item out of the land-fill. This always feels good! How will we save mother earth? One way is by using our resources wisely and making good items last as long as possible.

5. Replace missing pieces to your child’s favorite toy or game

Is your child heartbroken because one of their favorite toys, that is in otherwise great condition, is missing a part or one of its accessories? The variety of toys in the on-line marketplace especially is so vast that you definitely can locate another model to ‘rob’ parts from to complete your child’s toy once again!

6. Re-live your childhood memories

Replacing that toy that held the fondest and most fuzzy feelings can be very satisfying!

7. Completing a collection

Starting a vintage collection can be fun! The more obscure the better as the thrill is always in the hunt! From garage sales, craigslist, thrift stores, eBay and other lesser known online shopping sites that you can find via google-the thrill is always in the hunt!!!

Here are 132 of my toy Collections!


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