Teddy Ruxpin-the talking bear!!

15 Nov

Teddy Ruxpin is an animatronic talking plush bear. He was first produced in 1985 by toy manufacturer Worlds of Wonder.Teddy would move his mouth and eyes as he read stories via a standard cassette tape deck built into his back.

These Cassette tapes were not the typical cassette music tapes that you remember; they were square measuring approx. 2″x2″. A normal (non-Teddy) cassette tape is designed for stereo playback with two distinct tracks on each side for the left and right speakers. In contrast, a Teddy Ruxpin cassette uses the two tracks differently: the left track contains the audio, while the right track encodes the toy’s movements. A special hole in the top of the cassette tells the teddy bear that the right track contains movement data. This hole is similar to a standard cassette’s write protection notch, but closer to the center.

Vintage Teddy Ruxpin Figurine and 4 cassette tapes

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